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Pastor Evariste Habonimana was born in Mugamba, Buriri province, south of Bujumbura, Burundi in 1962. Evariste accepted Jesus as his Savior and was “born again” in 1989 in Bujumbura. He met and married Nahimana Adele from Cankuzo, east Burundi, in 1992 and they live in Bujumbura with their 2 children, Vanessa and Axel and 3 other children that they care for. Their home in Kanyosha was destroyed in 1993 during the war and they started a church plant on their property there in 2010. Evariste has been active in ministry throughout Burundi and has served as the Senior Pastor of Miracle Center Church since 2003.

In the ten years working with Harvest Vision, Evariste has planted 32 churches all around Burundi with the help of the equipment that he uses to proclaim the gospel. Every month, hundreds of hungry souls are reached and preached to in Burundi.

Pastor Evariste and Adele serve as coordinators for Harvest Vision Ministries – Africa in Burundi.He and Adele have been married 24 years with , Axel & Vannesa now in the university age. They have a HV wholesale produce project for income and they have opened three  bible schools  operating in Bujumbura, Muringa & Musenyi with  currently 70 students.

Burundi ministries

Pr. Evariste Habonimana the coordinato for Harvest Vision Ministries in Burundi is also the over seer and the Founder of the Miracle center churches in Burundi. He has so far planted 32 churches in the different communes in Burundi and he is the senior pastor of the Miracle Center Church in Bujumbura.

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Burundi Coordinator: Pastor Evariste & Adele Habonimana
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