Fulfilling the great commission - Because Jesus Said
Mathew 28:19
Touching Hearts Transforming Lives


Comfort Africa is a Christian ministry that supports the most at risk vulnerable children in community with basic needs such as school fees, clothing, shoes, food, scholastic material like books, pens, pencils, dolls and play materials, beddings, medication for our HIV/AIDS infected kids, mosquitoes nets and all other children necessities among others.

We envision an Africa with children living in comfort, free from trauma, all forms of abuse, poverty, disease and all kinds social evils and injustices

We hope to achieve our vision by ministering the unconditional all gracious love of Christ to the most at risk children in community by providing loving comfortable children‘s homes all over Africa where children will find pure love, Comfort, good health shelter, food, clothing, security, and education.

Rescuing the most at-risk children by providing love and comfort, shelter, food, clothing, education, medication, trauma counseling, raising world changers and revolutionaries and in the near future children homes full of the love, peace and the joy of the Lord Christ Jesus.



The Child Education and Sponsorship Program:

At Comfort Africa, we treasure Education!! We believe that every child has a right to attain good quality education. This dream is driving us to supporting children who have abandoned education die to several reasons such as lack of school fees, and absence of parents or relatives willing to support the children in school. To attain this goal, we encourage women to make crafts that we sell to help us aquire funds to support the children in school. We also hold small fundraising music concerts in communities to enable us raise funds to supprt children in school.

we look out for individuals, groups of people, or organizations that can partner with us in the upbringing of the children through sponsoring a child or children’s basic needs such as education, food, shelter and clothing among others. Whosover partners with us in this venture plays a very critical role in building the Kingdom of God, and enable a child to leav and lead a comfortable life free from This world’s social injustices.

Alive and Healthy Program:

The Alive and Healthy program entails different activities such as healthy living sensitization, nutrition sensitization f, hospital outreach and evangelism, community health outreach were we mobilise communities for health sensitisation and where need be free health services from different stakeholders.

 The Alive and healthy program also includes sensitization of communities especially the youth’s on sexual reproductive health through school outreach, community outreach, awareness creation and sensitization.

This program grew out of the need to create awareness on health issues in communities. In rural communities, many people mistake cancers for witchcraft, and never seek medical advice until the cancers have reached a fatal state. Many youth’s think that abstinence is an old fashioned lifestyle and therefore need to be made aware of the value of virginity and abstinence.

Economic Empowerment Program

The Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) entails empowering the youths, women and people with disabilities economically through training beneficiaries with income generating skills. Wr have trained women in different skills such as candle making, soap making, beads making among others to enable them to have stable income to support their children.

Below are some  beautiful beads made out of recycled paper made by the women! These beads once bought support a vulnerable child in school and a vulnerable mother looking for school fees for her children.