Fulfilling the great commission - Because Jesus Said
Mathew 28:19

Harvest Vision Ministries - Africa: Vision - Mission Statement

Jesus’ prayer to the Father for “oneness” in the Body has been further answered as the Holy Spirit has partnered the brethren in Central Africa with brothers and sisters throughout the world. The ministry is to help coordinate and be good stewards of the workers and the gifts and resources that God has given each one to build His Kingdom and prepare the Church for the return of Jesus Christ. An office and resource center has been established in Kampala, Uganda that will provide limited accommodations for missionaries, a website and email communications center and shared resources for evangelism and teaching.


Biblical unity in the Christian community fulfilling the Great Commission and transforming communities.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to bring Christian brothers and sisters together to intercede in prayer and to share our God-given gifts, talents and resources, including financial, for the spreading of the gospel in Central Africa and to recognize, encourage and support the local native missionaries (pastors, evangelists, teachers and other leaders) that God has called to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and therefore witness entire communities transformed by the power of God.

We are fulfilling the vision:

Biblical Unity 

By encouraging and facilitating relationships between Christian brothers and sisters from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  1. By developing a database of Christian leaders that can be sorted geographically and by “burdens” of ministry.
  2. By implementing and maintaining a non-denominational website for Central Africa which incorporates information that will help the Body to work in unity and be better stewards of our resources

Great Commission

  1. By communicating information on the evangelistic and teaching methods that the Holy Spirit is teaching us to reach different groups of people.
  2. By assisting in coordinating with different churches and ministries to involve local leaders to plan strategic, small outreaches to outlying communities in which they provide the majority of resources needed ensuring ownership and accountability.
  3. By providing sound and video equipment to outreaches, providing for transportation cost and the technical support, when needed.
  4. By coordinating outreaches to minimize the distance and cost when moving equipment and support from one location to the next.

Community Transformation

  1. By resurrecting the hope of community transformation by presenting evidence of actual communities transformed through the power of God.
  2. By presenting the principles of community transformation.
    • United and humble Christians that come together to repent in fervent prayer to seek the righteousness of a loving God. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
    • The importance of targeted and informed intercessory prayer based on identifying demonic strongholds.
    • The responsibility of  Christian leadership in over-seeing the dynamics of actual transformation.
    • The Christian principles that apply to meeting the basic needs of a community; political, educational, economical, social and health.
  3. By accessing and prioritizing the basic needs of those in communities and identifying resources (ministries, NGO’s, government programs, etc.) available to support community transformation.
  4. By facilitating the sharing of testimonies that support the  methods that meet the spiritual and basic needs of communities.