Fulfilling the great commission - Because Jesus Said
Mathew 28:19
South Sudan


In April 2013, Harvest Vision Ministries launched equipment for evangelism ministry under the leadership of the Late Johnlight Akuleng Atok who went to be with the Lord who passed in March 2017. Johnlight was a very faithful servant of the Lord who succumbed to cancer. The ministry had two churches in south sudan one in Dar jebel and the other in Korumla. He is survived by a widow (Sarah) and three children.

In 2016 when the war in South Sudan erupted, Johnlight and his family fled for refuge in the bush where their late daughter, the then 3 year old blessing fell sick and because there was no access to clean water, food and medical services, Blessing succumbed to Diarrhoea and was burried in the bush. John and sarah then managed to find their way to Uganda where they lived in Adjumani refugee camp. However Johnlight was not okay and his health was depreciating and was in pain. He was transfrered to Kampala for medical attention. While in Kampala he lived with Martin the ministry over seer in Africa until his health seemed to improve. He later joined his family in Adjumani but unfortunately his health deterioriated again and need urgent medical attention. That is when prossy the coordinator of the equipment in Gulu took him, his family to Gulu where he would be given better treatment. The ministry supported John through all this but unfortunately Johnlight went to be with the Lord while in Northern Uganda in Gulu. His body was taken back to be burried in his ancestral home in South Sudan. May Johnlights souls rest in eternal peace!!!!