Fulfilling the great commission - Because Jesus Said
Mathew 28:19
Meet our beautiful Children

Shakira Nampijja is a three year old beautiful Girl, abandoned by her moslem father because the mother (Christine Bukirwa) confessed Jesus and got born again. Abandoned together with her elderly sister who is five years old, they now stay with their mother in a very vulnerable condition, spending most of their time in their mothers dusty tiny charcoal stall which puts the health of these little one at a stake. Christine sells charcoal, a small income generating business to help her sustain her little girls as well as her self and also to enable her pay school fees for her daughters. Although she works too hard, her meagre income can hardly sustain them as many a time, the children are sent back home for school fees, rents calls and so does feeding. health and general upkeep. With only $30 per month you will help Christine take this girl to school, feed her, and make her life better and normal like it should be for any child.

Desire Nalunkuuma was conceived  when the mother (Shiella) was 17 years old and still in school. Today Desire lives with her single mother, abandoned by her father who is addicted to alcohol. Desire's mother likewise was an alcoholic until we met her, preached the good news of Jesus and she received Christ and became born again! Today, she is a committed member of Harvest Church Fellowship, a church community under Harvest Vision Ministries Africa. We have seen this woman struggle her way to holy living and her Life is a testimony! Living just next to a trench (see Desire at their house door, beside her is a stinking trench of sewage that passes right at their door house. Behind this house live a den of prostitutes), Desire lives next to a prostitute center  Beautiful hands and feet could transform their lives completely! By sponsoring $30 per month for Desire, Her mother will afford a better house with a child friendly environment and free from risk of abuse!!!

Ian Muhingine, a very handsome 7 year old with a Rwandees Background is at a very high risk of being used and harrased sexually prostitutes who are his neighbours. He is also at a very high risk of engaging in drugs at a very tender age as his neighbouring community are involved in taking marijuana for fun and to pass time. Just Like Desire, they are neighbours and currently go to the same school. Ian.s mother gave her life to Christ however due to unknown reasons, she insists on not coming to the church. We could minister the unconditional love of Christ by helping Ian's mother  (Prossy) educate her son and above all, releave this little boy from that inhuman community by taking him to a different home or a boearding school! with two people offering $30 a month for Ian, he will get a more safe community, a better education and have insipirational people to look up to! Let us help get Ian out of that deadly place!


These Twins Waswa and Nakato are orphans! Before their father passed away, he had abandoned them and had left to an unknown place, leaving their mother with three children! Their mother cleans streets throughout the noght to help her raise school fees, food and rent for her children. Sometimes when she is cleaning the streets, thieves force their way in to her house and steal the little assets and money she has in her house. $30 a month for either of these kids will transform the lives of these children!


Sarah Elesi is 15 years old. Left by het mother to grow up with a bitter abusive step mother who influenced her father, Sarah was completely rejected by her father who gave up on educating her. He gave her out to work as a house maid for a couple. This job put Sarahs life at a very graet risk of being sexually assaulted by Seeing her in a very vulnerable condition, we opted to take her back to school, something she so much loves and treasures. She dreams of becoming a doctor and you and i can help her attain her dreams.

You can join hand with us to educate this young girl who has so many dreams that are yet to be achieved. With only $30 a month, you can help Sarah attain education and become a better person in the most near future!


Doreen Amaari (Amaari a very beautiful name literally meaning Love) is 12 years old and in Primary three. Her Education has severely been challenged by her epileptic health condition that has made her stay at home most of the time despite the fact that she loves and treasurer education. She has been taken to many differnt health specialists to help cure her health in vain. Hands have been laid on her too in Vain. We believe that God has let Amaari in this condition because he wants to be God and to take the Glory when people see the challenges this gairl when through and the far the Lord has taken her. Despite this health problem, Amaari although staying with both parents who unfortunately suffer from absolite poverty! Her mother hawks and sells  used women bras in the slum community t help raise funds to sustain her large family. You could be an answer to Amaari's prayers. With only $30 per month or a health sponsorship, you could help this child grow to be a testimony of the mighty and wonderful things the lord does. Her dream is to becomea vip IN THIS WORLD and you and I can help her attain  that dream!

Audrine Namtumbwe is only two years old! She is one of the youngest babies in Comfort Africa! She stays with her 19 year old mother who tries to earn a living by selling second hand T-shirts. Nantumbwe is growing without the love, provision and direction of a father. With your help and support, you can help Nantumbwe join good quality school next year and her mother afford to pay their own rent for a house as they currently stay with friends. You can minister the unconditional love of God to this little one by supporting the mothers small income business and by maing this child you own concern. If you would like to sponsor Audrine, please feel free to contact us and she will be all yours!



Edwin Muhulizi is a 12 year old orphan. By the grace of God, Edwin already has a sponsor however, who soever would like to provide him with food and upkeep shall be a blessing. Edwins Mother Rose Arrora, a very young widow who lives as a role model to young women, always advising them to wait on the Lord, praying and interceeding for them daily is a mews paper street vendor who seats under the direct scorching sun daily so that she can get a penny to feed her children!. Sometimes Authourities chase them here and there but she persistently works hard to ensure that she can acquire and afford house rent,  and feeding for her two sons.

Wlllllllsith only $30 a month, you can make Edwins life and health better. He is praying that some body like you comes up to be a blessing!

Gift Saki is an 11 year old born with HIV and living positively with the Virus. She lost her Father to AIDS, and all he siblings are infected with the disease. Gift Knows about her status and lives positively and happily, taking her drugs the way she should. Her mother survives on well wishers support to take her children to school. The children survive on free servives given by TASO uganda and the counsellinmg services they have received encourage them to be encouraging theur mother when feeling so week and low. We seek for individuals with big hearts to support Gift or any of her family members, providing daily food to them (sometimes, they go without food), clothing, accomodation and sponsorship. This family is very fragile and needs you love and support for them to survive and live positively in this world.

Moses Nzigu 15 lost his father to HIV, and his mother rejected him and threw him out of the house. It is believed by the community around that Moses mother never loved moses and never cared for him at all. Moses now lives with well wishers who can only afford to give him shelter and food. He needs clothing and Education, something we have tried to provide to him, however, a loving and caring heart could take over this boys education sponsorship and upkeep needs and preferably take him to a boarding school. With 3 individuals each offering $30 per month, Moses life can be changed upside down! You could be the person Moses has been praying for all this time. Do not harded your heart, be an answer to a vulnerable childs prayer!


This beautiful Little one is born to a mother who has HIV. fFaith is so full of life and loves school! Her mother has no job and is also a caretaker of her grand mother (the grand mother of mama Faith) who is in a very critical condition with very poor health yet with always little or no food in the House. With only $30  each month, Faith, Her mother and their grand mother will have food in their house daily. Faith is our luckiest child to get a sponsor, however, one more sponsor for Faith will make her life better!


  For 9yr old Noeline Kabagonza who lives with her mother in one of the slums in Kampala, she touches our hearts when we see the child being neglected by her mother who iften lives for work, locks the door as the child goes to school and once the child comes back from school the door is locked and she sometimes has to waiit for her mother until past midnight! This child needs much more than school fees, she needs a home, security and love. Is there any body who can offer the above to this child? we shall be very grateful. with $30, she can get a better education and with two more people offering $30 monthly, we cantake her to a reputable boarding school where she is free from such kind of neglect and high risk of abuse


Edwim ByamukamaIs a 7yr old orphan lost his father to HIV/AIDS. He now lives with mother eEstherNanyonjo in the slums of kampala. He goes to school and is in primary 3. He loves football and his dream is to be an engineer. By sacrifising your $#0 monthly, you could be an answer to this orphan's prayers



JOYCE GIFT MEKEDE Is 10 yrs old. She stays with her mother and a step dad who is not supportive. She is in primary three and resides in nsambya police barracks. Her mother cooks and vends food for builders/house constructors at building sites to support her children, meaning that after completion of the building, she has to look for another site to earn an income.




Toepista Nakirya is 11 yrs old in Primary 6 and orphaned by HIV AIDS, She stays with a guardian who is a teacher, she loves singing and aspires to be a nurse. Your support can help this gorl attain her dream.